Correctional Sergeant - Miami Correctional Facility

Job Description:
Incumbent works in a correctional facility for adult offenders. She/he is responsible for following post orders, maintaining order, supervising and controlling offenders and their activities. Incumbent works on an assigned shift in a specific unit/or post under general supervision of a correctional lieutenant. Incumbent maintains the security of the unit as well as the safety of staff and offenders while ensuring daily activities and programs proceed on schedule. In addition, the incumbent may supervise a correctional officer or group of correctional officers.
Assists supervisor in appropriate administration of security related operations (key control, count, shakedowns, searches, inventory, equipment maintenance, radios, security systems, etc).
Supervises offenders in various work details - within the facility and outside the facility.
Escorts offenders inside the facility and on various trips away from the facility.
Assists in identifying offender treatment needs and supports treatment programs.
Maintains records and writes reports on offender movement, offender progress, and violations of policies and procedures.
Counsels offenders in an informal and unofficial capacity.
Follows and insures compliance of established security procedures.
Supervises a correctional officer or group of correctional officers.
Performs related duties as assigned by supervisor.
Qualify and maintain weapons certification.
Obtain and maintain driver's license and/or CDL license.
Act as a custody supervisor in the absence of the lieutenant at a small facility.
Act as a shift supervisor in a small facility.
Able to lift, walk, stand, bend, stoop, crawl, kneel, crouch, climb stairs and/or ladders, run without limitation consistent with operational needs of the overall security to offenders, staff and public.
Able to remain awake and alert for up to 16 hours at a time and monitor offenders for signs of disorder, aggression or tension. Must be alert and responsive to surroundings; be able to make critical decisions quickly; and must be able to select the most appropriate guidelines or procedures to follow in a variety of situations. Must be able to recognize suicidal behavior. Must have keen observation and hearing skills in order to ensure the safety and security of the facility.
Able to work any shift, day or night and overtime as needed. Able to be punctual i.e., arrive at work on time. Understand that shifts are assigned based on facility need, and include working weekends and Holidays. There are no permanent shift/post assignments.
Average gross and fine motor skills of the arms and hands for such things as performing first aid and CPR; restraining offenders; operating a vehicle; using a hand radio; performing frisk searches and shakedowns, accurately discharging a firearm; locking and unlocking doors repeatedly, selecting keys etc.
Job Requirements:
The ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
A thorough knowledge of an understanding of the Department of Correction and the facility rules, regulations, policies and administrative procedures.
The ability to defend oneself physically.
The ability to supervise and obtain results from offenders and subordinate staff.
The ability to react with control in emergency situations.
The ability to act as a positive role model for offenders and subordinate staff.
The ability to operate security equipment.
The ability to work within a culturally diverse environment.
The ability to interact with offenders, co-workers and the general public.
The ability to test negative on all drug tests.
The ability to attend, participate and complete annual training.
The ability to remain current on all mandatory certifications including first aid and CPR.
The ability to supervise subordinate staff in a firm, fair and consistent manner.
Supervisory Responsibility:
The incumbent supervises all aspects of an offender's activity of daily living. He/she acts as a supervisor in a dorm or unit. In addition, the incumbent may act as an on the job trainer. The incumbent reports directly to a lieutenant. He/she may supervise a correctional officer or group of corrections officers.
Difficulty of Work:
The work is physical, emotional and mentally demanding. The incumbent must maintain constant vigilance for periods of up to sixteen (16) hours at a time. The environment is highly stressful with a threat of physical harm or death present. Errors in judgment could result in injury or death to oneself, coworker, offender and/or the general public. The incumbent must be able to react to emergency situations inclu7ding the ability to determine the need to use deadly force. In addition, the incumbent must be able to recognize suicidal behavior.
The incumbent is responsible for the management, supervision, and safety of the facility, offenders, coworkers and the general public. He/she is directly accountable for knowing the location and status of an offender or a group of offenders. In addition, the incumbent must remain vigilant to all breaches of security and threats. The incumbent must apply the Department of correction and facility rules, policies and procedures in a firm, fair and consistent manner to both offenders and subordinate staff.
Personal Work Relationship:
Incumbent is responsible for demonstrating a cooperative, efficient work relationship with all staff and offenders. Incumbent interacts primarily with offenders, co-workers and supervisors. Occasionally, incumbent may come into contact with the general public when escorting offenders to and from the visiting area, conducting tours through the facility or escorting offenders to public places outside the facility. Incumbent must communicate well and portray a positive, professional image in all contacts with others, including offenders, staff, the public, vendors and staff representing regulatory agencies.
Physical Effort:
Incumbent will be required to stand and/or walk for ext3nd3ed periods of time in order to provide staff and offender supervision or sit for an extended period of time. A variety of physical abilities will be required in order to supervise and participate in custody functions. Keen observation and hearing skills are necessary in order to ensure the safety and security of the facility. The incumbent will be required to stoop, kneel, crouch and/or crawl. In addition, the incumbent may be required to climb stairs and/or ladders and walk on uneven ground. Physical effort may include restraining offenders, driving, running and lifting and carrying up to 100 lbs. The incumbent must be able to work up to sixteen (16) hours.
Working Conditions:
Work is primarily performed indoors in a housing/treatment unit and/or dormitory atmosphere or outside in various weather conditions while patrolling the facility grounds and performing normal custody duties. The environment is a high stress environment. Incumbent may be exposed to violent offenders on a regular basis. Exposure to chemical agents is routine. Workplace environmental conditions may include: continuous noise, high temperatures, low temperatures, injury/infectious disease exposure from accidents or attacks.
Preferred Experience:
Two (2) years of custody experience in a correctional institution, law enforcement or military law enforcement. Possession of a High School Diploma or possession of a General Educational Development (GED) certificate is required or accredited college training in a related area. Successful completion of the Correctional Training Institute program or a similar training program acceptable to the Department of Correction. Willingness to undergo a background investigation.
The State of Indiana offers a comprehensive benefit package which includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, retirement plans and accrued leave.
Equal Employment Opportunity:
The State of Indiana is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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